VCE History: Revolutions (FRANCE ONLY) Units 3&4 - Online Live Stream Lecture

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This live stream is for the French Revolution only.


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This live-streamed lecture is designed to help you smash the French Revolution in History: Revolutions Units 3&4 through Term 2 and beyond. Note that this lecture is for France only. Focusing on key content from the study design, this lecture will run you through what you need to know, plus tips and tricks from a past high-achiever.

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Anna is the perfect person to help guide you through History: Revolutions 3&4. Graduating with a raw 48 in Revs, plus four other 40+ study scores (including a 50), Anna's experience in the subject will shine through. With a 99.45 ATAR and tutoring experience next to her name, Anna's lecture is not one to miss.

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